Download the Latest Amphenol Procom Catalogues!

We have a section on our website allowing you to download the full range of Amphenol Procom catalogues. Each catalogue provides details of the latest ATEX, DAS, IoT and TETRA Combiner ranges.

Do you Want to Make Your Transportations Operations More Effective?

Efficient mobile radio networks are a an essential tool for rail and bus applications along with other freight/haulage services & Blue Light operations. Offering not only communications but data and fleet management, often in demanding environments that can have a big impact on the result.

Sales Product Training with antennaPRO

The setup and installation of the range of products we supply can be quite technical, requiring necessary knowledge and training.

Do you need VHF/UHF Radio Tunnel Coverage?

Radio coverage is crucial for the management of any transport tunnel project. The need to communicate with colleagues is also of paramount importance in terms of health and safety.

ProNexus GNSS Mobile Antenna for Mobile Network Convergence

Data is becoming increasingly important in mobile vehicle applications, and LTE, 4G, 5G, GNSS, and Wi-Fi 6(E) will play a significant role in that data stream. Amphenol Procoms new ProNexus GNSS Mobile Antenna is here to provide a solution for present and future RF installations.

New Broadband Tapper Series Designed to Improve Signal Distribution

Many different radio services are required within buildings, tunnels, etc. For this reason, a facility radio system is often used multiple times which requires broadband distribution components.

In need of Telecom Products?

The telecoms sector represents a very diverse market segment. Amphenol Procom products are widely deployed by cellular operators and system integrators and typically covering outdoor macro networks to indoor micro networks.

Looking for Reliable IoT Products?

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionise our lives, connecting a vast network of devices. The quality and success of an IoT network however is dependent on a solid grid of base station antennas.

High Quality Portable Antennas

Amphenol Procom has a broad collection of portable antennas which come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used where improvement is needed over your existing OEM antenna, which is often a compromise between size & performance.

Do you Need to Increase the Strength of your Radio system?

Amphenol Procom’s range of Low Noise Amplifiers are used as part of a radio receiving system amplifying and increasing the strength of a weak Rx radio input channel in order to be above the sensitivity of the actual radio receiver. RF Low Noise Amplifiers benefit by being high-dynamic, which means that they can amplify equally input signal over a broad frequency band.

Private LTE, 4G, and 5G RF Solutions from Amphenol Procom

A great many industries are using or transitioning to private LTE and 4G communication networks. More and more organisations are now looking towards future proofing their activities with 5G. Amphenol Procom are proud to be a world leading manufacturer and supplier of antennas within these network technologies and the market segments driving change.

Are you in need of reliable Tetra Combiners?

Mission Critical communication needs to be dependable. There is no room for error and Amphenol Procom’s Tetra Combiners are designed and built to achieve this.

Introducing the Amphenol Procom Marine Antenna Range

Amphenol Procom's range of marine antennas has an enviable reputation for their high-quality manufacture and superb performance.

New TETRA Filter Products from Amphenol Procom

Amphenol Procom has announced new TETRA Filter products to its TETRA product line up to meet the demands of is demand Public Safety and Mission Critical sectors that have expanded TETRA bands from Tx/Rx 2 x 5MHz to now 2 x 6.5MHz.

Check out the Amphenol Procom Range of Diplex Filters!

Are you looking for Dilplex Filters? Amphenol Procom has a range of diplex filter products for various radio systems.

Are you in need of reliable DAS Products?

Amphenol Procom offers a wide range of indoor antennas and passive devices for in-building operations, especially for Public Safety applications.

Amphenol Procom Designs and Manufactures New Antenna for Robotic Lawnmower

Robotic lawn mowing relies on accurate RF communications to operate flawlessly and leave lawn cut to perfection.

New Duplex Band-Pass Filter for PMR/DMR and Telemetry Networks

The DPBP 2/66-150 is a new high performance VHF 150 MHz Duplex Filter with a Band-Pass characteristic from Amphenol Procom. This DPBP-Filter has a very high isolation/rejection of spurious noise on both the low and high side of the Pass Bands. Furthermore, it also highly rejects noise, which can occur on the 3rd & 5th harmonics.

Embedded Antenna Solution For Water Flow Monitoring

A leading designer and manufacturer of water flow monitoring systems recently had a problem to solve. The company, whose products are used in sanitary and storm sewers, had potential water and moisture ingression in their antennas, causing their systems to fail and not send reports or monitored information.

Check out Amphenol Procom’s New Video for Transportation RF Solutions

Efficient mobile radio networks are a must for the transport sector. Reliable wireless communications are paramount in coordinating the transportation of people or goods.

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antennaPRO are very active on social media and have accounts across the following networks dedicated to providing extra content and news for customers and followers.

Introducing The Amphenol Procom GPS-C HX 2/FQ GPS Vehicle Antenna

The Amphenol Procom GPS-C HX 2/FQ GPS Antenna is an external antenna whip fixed to a GPS-Combi mount. This shortened ¼ λ Helical antenna works, tuneable by cutting, within its 144-175 MHz frequency range. The whip is constructed from a flexible conical steel helix moulded in flexible thermoplastic and can be easily removed for car washes.

Download the Amphenol Procom UHF and LTE Colinear Antenna brochure

In advanced communication networks, the network's reliance on doing what it was planned for is paramount. For instance, TETRA networks have deployed Amphenol Colinear Antennas since the first network back in the mid-1990s. Today LTE networks face the same challenges, not just for Public Safety but all LTE communication networks.

Check out Amphenol Procom’s New Aviation Solution Video

Professional wireless communication systems are found in every part of the Aviation sector. Airports can be like micro cities with an array of wireless networks for many different user groups, including aircraft communications, navigation, security, and airfield handling.

Introducing Covert Body Worn Antennas from Amphenol Procom

Amphenol Procom has an extensive range of products for a wide variety of RF applications. Among its range are covert body-worn antennas…a discrete and comfortable antenna solution that can be hidden out of sight and will allow an operative to carry on with their duties.

RF solutions for Utility and Industrial Operations?

Radiocommunications play an essential role in modern industry, securing workers' safety and allowing automated machine to machine communications for efficient control and monitoring. Reliable radio equipment is vital to the success of these industrial operations and is often critical to workers' safety in dangerous environments.

New Amphenol Procom Base Station Antenna Guide

Amphenol Procom has produced a five-step guide which takes a purchaser through a five-step process of things to consider when choosing a Centre Fed Dipole, Yagi, or Stacked Array Antennas for base station applications.

Introducing the CXL 2400-1/ Omnidirectional Base Station/Marine Antenna

AntennaPRO is pleased to introduce the CXL 2400-1/ Omnidirectional Base Station/Marine Antenna. The CXL 2400-1/ is a 0 dBd gain vertically polarized antenna that covers 2300-2700 MHz, making it ideal for maritime Wi-Fi radio networks. It can be used either as a gateway antenna or as a way of connecting your marine vessel to the harbour Wi-Fi network.

What to Consider When Selecting an Omni-Antenna?

Selecting the correct antenna for your radio system can be fraught with difficulty. There are many things to consider, including ensuring the correct frequency, positioning, electrical requirements among other things.

CXL 2-1/L Marine Antenna wins Best on Test with Yacht and Boote Magazines

"Yacht" and "BOOTE" magazines have awarded Amphenol Procom's CXL-2-1L marine antenna as ‘Best on Test’ for maritime applications.

Introducing the CXL 900-8C Omni Antenna

The CXL 900-8C is an 8dBd gain vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station antenna for the 900MHz cellular bands. Available in 2 models, the antenna is supplied with a "C" mast bracket, which is a universal, epoxy-coated mounting bracket made of non-corrosive aluminium. The accompanying U-bolts and fittings are made of stainless steel.

Introducing the 7478000 LTE Antenna for Tunnel Applications

The 7478000 log periodic antenna is designed to cover LTE bands from 690-2700MHz which are generally used in rail and road tunnels to give coverage in dead spots.

DPF 70/6-150 Base Station High Power Duplex Filter

Amphenol Procom has an extensive range of products for a wide variety of RF applications. Within the product range, are many "hidden gems" that you may not be aware of – an example is the DPF 70/6-150 series which we like to bring to your attention.

EFD TETRA-1000 Vehicle Antenna from Amphenol Procom

Commercial vehicles often have a box body that protrudes over the driver's cab. If a radio antenna is mounted on the driver's cab, the box body usually shades the radio waves to the rear.

What is Cel-Fi and how can it improve mobile coverage for my business

The Cel-Fi range is the best solution on the market for addressing the universal challenge of inadequate mobile phone coverage in an office, warehouse, retail environment or any business area where there is a coverage shortfall. Cel-Fi solves the problem of In-building coverage whether for cellular or PoC.

Industries where the Cel-Fi product will improve Mobile Phone Coverage

Inadequate indoor mobile phone coverage is still a major problem in the UK and across the globe. This is mainly down to the way network operators design their networks. Other factors including the way buildings are designed, heavy demand and interference also play their part in contributing to poor coverage. In modern buildings it is difficult for a mobile phone signal to penetrate buildings because they meet the latest building regulations with RF reflecting glass or solar reflecting glass. So a lot of modern buildings suffer from poor indoor coverage. But that doesn’t mean that older buildings are any better. Older pre-Victorian buildings with thick walls, small windows also suffer with poor indoor coverage with cellular signals unable to penetrate the building.

PRO-HDAR Space-Saving Combiners From Amphenol Procom

With the increasing need to optimise usage of every antenna mast, more and more signals are being combined at the base station radio site. Fitting this large amount of combining/radio equipment into the available racking is a constant challenge for the radio installer/integrator.

Amphenol Procom Antennas, Built to Survive Storms

Recent storms at the beginning of this year such as Storm Ciara battered the UK. Wind speeds above 80 mph caused a huge amount of structural damage throughout the country.

Future Proof Your Mobile Applications With the 5G ProFinPlus Antenna

Public safety and mission-critical networks are migrating to LTE. Connected vehicles need highly reliable wireless broadband connections which can support ultra-fast access to databases, voice, mapping or streaming video as part of a highly intelligent communication system. Fleet Management, Public Transport and First Responders also have a multitude of operational communication requirements.

Providing High-Performance RF Systems for Airports

Do you need help in the design and manufacture of reliable airport radio systems? Amphenol Procom are specialists in providing high-performance RF systems for the Aviation market across the globe and we work very closely with them in the UK.

Providing Wi-Fi Coverage for Remote Leisure Resorts

Do you want to offer Wi-Fi spots at your leisure resort to give your customers a better visitor experience? Below is an example of how Amphenol Procom helped various resorts in France, Italy, and Austria achieve the required coverage with an antenna solution.

DAS Solution for Wind Farms

For a reliable communication system, it is necessary to undertake regular maintenance, especially when there are physical obstacles that block a radio signal. Amphenol Procom have provided us with an example of how they helped a wind farm achieve radio coverage with a DAS solution.

Assisting the Greek Aviation Authorities (HCAA) with Ground-to-Air Communication

Reliable communication between Air Traffic Controllers and aircraft are necessary for an efficient Airport providing satisfied employees and passengers.

Talk to us about your DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Requirements

DAS is a network of intelligently placed antennas installed throughout a building or outdoor area that enhances coverage for the benefit of users inside and nearby. DAS is a viable solution for those instances where traditional radio products and services will not work or are just prohibitively expensive.

Maintaining Coverage for Coastal Emergency Communications

A reliable radio communication system covering a whole coastline can be difficult to achieve because of topography and distance, but it is crucial for emergency services and maritime operations. Without it there is the possibility that a rescue or an intervention could be delayed potentially costing lives. Below is an example of how Amphenol Procom recently delivered a VHF Filter and Combiner system for a European coastguard radio service covering their emergency area with improved radio signal coverage.

Combining Multiple Radio Channels on your Base Station Antenna?

Amphenol Procom offers an extensive range of high-quality combiners. The range includes cavity combiners, hybrid combiners and control station combiners (TETRA). All combiner products are designed by experienced engineers and used in the VHF and UHF radio spectrum.

Are you Working Within the Telecoms Sector?

Providing enormous amounts of data bandwidth for mobile users and making this available to a large geographical area is essential for Telecom providers. This is especially important as providers of critical communications networks move into LTE with commercial mobile networks. Simultaneously the population exponentially demand data which results in the need for more in-building services. This is some of the challenge network operators’ face today.

Filters to Protect Your Radio System?

Amphenol Procom’s RF Filters that protect your radio system come in many shapes and sizes. They are designed by experienced engineers that can be used in the VHF and UHF radio frequency spectrum.

Amphenol Procom IoT Solution Helps Honey Production

Optibee by CAD CREATION is a beehive monitoring system which makes it possible for beekeepers to measure their honey production in their beehives by the use of real-time data. With this system, the beekeeper can measure the amount of honey at any time in the hive and thereby get information about when it should be emptied.

Increasing Demand for IoT/Telemetry Products From Utility Networks

There have been increasing demands for IoT/Telemetry solutions from the Gas and Electricity utility sectors. Utility companies often have a lot of subscribers spread over a huge area and need reliable coverage for their low power VHF/UHF base stations for receiving the high volume of data without fail. Choosing the right products is essential.

Connectivity Products to Improve Highway Tunnel Coverage?

Radio coverage in transport tunnels is essential for safety as well as tunnel management. Getting RF coverage through a highway tunnel can be problematic because of the structure, type of building materials and how far it may be from the range of a radio system. The Amphenol Procom family have a long experience of assisting highway organisations with this type of problem. Below is an example of how Amphenol Procom recently helped an Italian customer achieve the required coverage.

Amphenol Procom Contributes to Mobile Connectivity on London Underground

Are you looking to provide underground passengers with LTE connectivity? Below is an example of how Amphenol Procom recently provided part of a mobile connectivity solution in London Underground.

Amphenol Procom Trusted Worldwide for Reliability in Connectivity

Amphenol Procom has brought together the most trusted brands, expertise and resources in the industry. Amphenol Procom is the world-leading provider of Antennas, Combiners, Filters, and DAS solutions and its goal is to deliver the world’s most trusted, flexible solutions where connectivity and dependability are crucial.

Do you have an Amphenol Procom Application that you Would like us to Share with the World

Amphenol Procom antenna, combiner, duplexer and RF filtering solutions play an integral part in many communication systems across many industries in the United Kingdom. They may not be the most glamorous part of a radio system, but without them, these systems would not be effective or even work.

View antennaPRO Connectivity Products at BAPCO 2020 (Stand E32)

antennaPRO, UK distributor for Amphenol Procom will be showcasing its latest range of connectivity products at BAPCO 2020 between the 10th – 11th March at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. On show will be samples of its extensive range of the antenna, duplexer, combiner and filtering solutions from Amphenol Procom.

Introducing the GPS/Iridium-FME antenna...designed for Satellite Communications

The Amphenol Procom GPS/Iridium-FME antenna provides an excellent solution for Icom’s new Satellite PTT radio system enhancing its performance.

antennaPRO Awarded International Sales Accolade from Amphenol-Procom

Trevor Wright, antennaPRO's Business Development Manager, collected the ‘Best All-Round Performance’ award at the 2019 Amphenol-Procom Partner Event.

See the Latest Amphenol Procom Connectivity Products at FCS Business Radio 19

antennaPRO will be showcasing its latest range of connectivity products at FCS Business Radio 19, taking place at the Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa on Thursday 14th November 2019. This annual event for the whole business radio industry provides an excellent opportunity to catch up and learn more about the emerging opportunities in the Business Radio sector.

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We recently published our latest email newsletter. The newsletter contained a summary of our latest company news and useful information about our product range.

Recent Amphenol Procom Training Seminars at Wellingborough

A large number of our customers attended a series of Amphenol Procom training seminars at Amphenol Procom’s impressive facilities in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire on the 4th and 5th of June. Such was the overwhelming demand for training places that a third day on the 6th was created to meet the demand for training from Amphenol Procom.

New 5G PROFIN PLUS Mobile Antenna to Debut at the Emergency Services Show

antennaPRO is showcasing its latest range of connectivity products at this year's Emergency Services Show taking place at the NEC between the 18th and 19th September. antennaPRO (Stand H20) will be showcasing several new products, including a new 5G mobile antenna the PROFIN PLUS and a range of In-building mobile phone repeaters.

Download the Amphenol Procom Aviation Catalogue from Our Website

A modern, safe airport is faced with many challenges to offer a wide range of wireless communication needs. Airside, Air traffic control (ATC) must be securely handled as well as live up to international standards. Also, communication for caterers, mechanics and luggage handling as well as perimeter security is a necessity for smooth and safe airport operation.

New ETC-250 Clamp for 50-76mm Diameter Base Station Antennas

Amphenol Procom has just launched a new standard clamp for all 50-76mm diameter base antennas.

Our email addresses are changing to ''

From the start of April, you might notice email correspondence from us will end in '' and no longer ''. Don’t be alarmed; we have changed our email address to reflect the identity we have held for the past four years and to avoid any possible confusion.

What is the Internet of Things? What can antennaPRO supply my organisation?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generally used to describe objects “Things” used to connect physical objects over a wireless or IP network to exchange, store and collect data. The data is collected by sensors (endpoint devices). One of the benefits of the IoT is that businesses have access to more data about their products and their internal systems, and a greater ability to make changes as a result.

Case Study: PRO MA21SC marine VHF antennas, As Used by Ryde Inshore Rescue

We recently had some great feedback from Ryde Inshore Rescue regarding the quality of our PRO MA21SC marine VHF antennas which they have installed on their latest boat, a 8 metre RIBCRAFT.

What is Passive Intermodulation (PIM)?

PIM stands for Passive Intermodulation which means an unwanted signal created by the mixing of two or more RF signals, caused by the nonlinearity of the passive components in the RF path such as antennas, filters, cables or connectors. The signals will mix or multiply with each other to generate other signals that are related to the first ones. PIM can occur in a variety of areas from coaxial connectors to cables, even rusty bolts or any joint where dissimilar metals occur.

What you should tell us when ordering new filters

As the official distributor for Amphenol Procom products in the UK and Southern Ireland we can source a vast range of filtering equipment including duplex filters, band pass filters, band reject filters, pass reject filters, low pass filters, diplexers and triplexers.

My Training Session at Amphenol Procom, Leaders in Radio Connectivity technology.

In late 2018, I had the great pleasure of attending an Amphenol Procom training course in their lovely head office which is just a short drive from Copenhagen. The head office features impressive research and developments, factory and warehouse facilities

What is ATEX and why I should choose an Amphenol Procom ATEX antenna?

ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres: 99.92/EC (workplace) and 2014/34/EU (equipment). It has been mandatory to use ATEX approved equipment in environment’s such as the chemical industry, oil refineries, offshore installations, the milling industry, paint industry, mining industry etc. since July 2003. To comply with ATEX standards, Amphenol Procom ATEX antennas have to go through 20 stringent tests and certifications to meet this high exacting standards including impact, thermal endurance and ingress protection tests.

antennaPRO launch New Range of In-building Mobile Phone Repeaters

We are delighted to add a new range of mobile phone repeaters to our portfolio. Cel Fi “GO X” and “Quatra” products are designed to improve internal coverage and to support new POC/LTE radio systems where poor signal strength indoors inhibits the system.

antennaPRO’s Opening Hours Over Christmas and the New Year

Over the holiday period, antennaPRO will close at 12:30 pm on Friday the 21st of December will reopen at 8.30 am on Wednesday the 2nd of January.

Amphenol Procom Launch New Website

Amphenol Procom has announced the launch of their new website.

New 42xx series UHF and LTE Antennas Available from antennaPRO

In advanced communication networks, the reliance on the network to do what it was planned for is paramount. Public Safety networks, at a time when it is most critical, should just simply work. TETRA networks have deployed Amphenol Procom base station antennas since the very first network was installed way back in the mid-1990’s. Today LTE networks face the same challenges, not just for Public Safety, but for all LTE communication networks.

View antennaPRO Connectivity Products at FCS Business Radio 18

antennaPRO will be showcasing its latest range of connectivity products at FCS Business Radio 18, taking place at the Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa on Thursday 15th November 2018. On show will be samples of its extensive range of antenna, duplexer, combiner and filtering solutions from Amphenol Procom.

Corrugated Copper Cables Cut to Your Customers Requirements.

Adding another service to our extensive range of connectivity products is our cabling service.

New Duplexer Mounting Kit Available for Motorola SLR 1000 Repeater

We are pleased to announce details of a new mounting kit for the Motorola SLR 1000 Repeater, enabling you to mount the Amphenol Procom MPX 2/6 or MPX 70/6 duplexers in an SLR 1000 repeater.

Introducing Amphenol Procom

We are pleased to announce that from May 15th, 2018 Amphenol Private Networks and their strong portfolio of brands (Procom, Jaybeam and Skymasts ) have been streamlined into one single brand and company, Amphenol Procom.

Your Rights Under the Latest General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (25th May 2018), we have been updating our customer records.

ProFin G1 & ProFin G2 Multi-Function Low Profile Vehicle Antenna, New!

The current need for a wide variety of radio communications in vehicles demands multiple antennas that require time-consuming installation and possibly performance issues. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the release of the ProFin Multi-Function Low Profile Antenna range from Amphenol Private Networks (APN).

Download Amphenol Private Networks DAS Catalogue 2018

Maintaining its position as the leading designer and manufacturer of DAS products and devices, Amphenol Private Networks (APN) have launched its most comprehensive collection of DAS products all in one place…the 2018 DAS Catalogue.

New 2, 3, 4-way Power Splitters for 380-2700 & 698-2700 MHz

We now have three power splitter products with either 2, 3 or 4-way splits. Each model has N-type option, 7/16 DIN and the new 4.3-10 connector. All models are designed and manufactured to focus on delivering impressive performance.

New Wideband Indoor DAS 698-4000 MHz Antennas

We are pleased to add three new wideband 698-4000 MHz antennas to our impressive product range of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) products.

New DAS 380-2700 & 380-6000 MHz Wideband Indoor Antennas

In the growing market where technologies and frequencies collide, ceiling space is cluttered and overall aesthetics of buildings are impacted by the antenna farm on the ceiling. So we are pleased to announce new wideband 380-2700 or 380-6000 MHz low profile antennas for combining public safety and cellular networks…all in one antenna!

Directional Couplers (380-2700 or 698-2700 MHz), New!

We are pleased to announce a new line of Directional Couplers to our growing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) product line. Adding to the previously announced Power Splitters for 380-2700 and 698-2700 MHz, this launch of passive devices complements our extensive range of over sixty available antenna models.

Have you heard about the Amphenol Private Networks IoT product range? Download the brochure now!

Amphenol Private Networks has a strong IoT portfolio of base station antennas, external end-device antennas and filters.

New TETRA CSR-DMT 380 / CSR-DMT 410 Channel Selective Digital Repeaters

TETRA radio networks are deployed and used in a wide range of different sectors including public safety, transportation, utilities, government, military, oil and gas industries. Even the best network designs and rollouts will leave areas that have gaps in coverage. There may also be instances where there is insufficient or no coverage specifically inside buildings and tunnels. The result is poor or no coverage that compromises operational effectiveness and risking a potential safety of life.

Cabling Point of Sale (POS) Available from antennaPRO

If you are in the trade and need professional cabling, we still have units left of this great Point of Sale (POS) which attractively showcases some of the various cabling products we sell.

View antennaPRO Connectivity Products at BAPCO 2018 (Stand F14)

antennaPRO will be showcasing its range of connectivity products at BAPCO 2018 between the 20th - 21st March at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. On show will be samples of its extensive range of antenna, duplexer, combiner and filtering solutions from the Amphenol Group.

Birth of a Duplexer Presentation

Our team regularly attend technical and sales seminars at PROCOM HQ in Denmark. A considerable amount of technical information is usually conveyed in what can be quite a tight schedule.

Download our ATEX Approved Antenna Solutions Catalogue

Procom offers more than 25 different ATEX antenna types, and you can now view them all in the latest PROCOM ATEX antenna brochure. All the antennas are designed, tested and approved in compliance with European 94/9EC ATEX directive.

Technical Workshops Held by antennaPRO

We have recently held a series of technical workshops across the country. The first of these was held at the Amphenol Private Networks Group headquarters in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire on the 12th October 2017. Led by our Business Development Manager Trevor Wright, the event saw our customers given a tour of the factory as well as training sessions focussing on antennas.

Future Opportunities for DAS In-Building solutions with antennaPRO

One of the most significant potential growth areas for communication companies will be provided by the opportunities from large building and infrastructure that require connectivity, but their topography and architecture prevent this. However, this issue that can be solved with the help of DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems).

New Cabling Point of Sale (POS) from antennaPRO

To coincide with the launch of the sale of our new range of cable products for professional communication systems, we are delighted to offer this great Point of Sale (POS) which attractively showcases some of the various cabling products …it also shows their great quality.

Product Spotlight: Amphenol 7500 Single Band End-Fed Dipole Series

Amphenol 7500 single band end-fed dipole series is a rugged and durable VHF end-fed dipole antenna housed inside a high-strength glass fibre shroud. An integrated mounting clamp allows easy installation on poles or horizontal rails.

Product Spotlight: Amphenol 7536 UHF Collinear antenna Series

The rugged and durable Amphenol 7536 UHF collinear antenna series has been designed for use in TETRA networks. The design is housed inside a high strength, glass fibre shroud and includes an integrated mounting clamp allowing easy installation on poles or horizontal rails.

Product Spotlight: Amphenol Antenna 7051 UHF Centre Fed Dipole antenna Series

The Amphenol 7051 is a UHF centre fed dipole antenna for PMR/Trunked Radio networks. Multiple dipoles can be mounted on a tower and connected with a phasing harness to form a high gain, stacked array. Produced to the highest quality standards, the robust antenna design will ensure reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.

Product Spotlight: Skymasts 802.00.05.00 Wideband TETRA / UHF Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna

The 802.00.05.00 is a compact, stylish and efficient indoor antenna designed for use with UHF TETRA & PMR systems. Its ingenious radiator design allows for incredibly broadband operation making the antenna suitable for use within either UHF TETRA frequency band. Its stylish design makes for a discreet installation in any modern office or industrial complex, and the antenna is simple to install with the minimum of fuss.

View antennaPRO Connectivity Products at FCS Business Radio 17

antennaPRO will be showcasing its range of connectivity products at FCS Business Radio 17, taking place at the Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa on Thursday 16th November 2017.

Product Spotlight: Skymasts S.EFX Broadband Glass Fibre End Fed Dipole

The S.EFX series of glass fibre dipoles are designed for professional base station and fixed mobile applications. The antennas have been designed with an integral dual-purpose mounting bracket which has been cast in aluminium. The stainless steel fittings enable the antennas to be fixed to the top or side of a vertical pole up to 60mm diameter. The centre fed dipole is fed via coaxial cable, giving a stable radiation pattern over a wide operating band.

Product Spotlight: Skymasts S.C3B 3dBd Glass Fibre Collinear Antenna

The S.C3B series of glass fibre collinear antenna is designed for professional base station and telemetry applications.

Procom GPS Antennas for CNS AIS Navigational Systems

The ability to deal with extreme conditions, have high safety requirements and provide great value is expected for any communication system. The Swedish company, CNS supplies Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) that are both robust and can live up to their global customer's high demands.

Product Spotlight: Amphenol Jaybeam 7018 12-element UHF Yagi antenna Series

Since the recent mergers within the Amphenol Group there has been a lot of work going on in the background and consolidation between the Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam product ranges. So we are going to focus on highlighting some of the more popular products regularly on our website starting with the Amphenol Jaybeam 7018 12-element UHF Yagi antenna Series.

Thales chooses Procom TETRA base station antennas

Thales use Procom CXL-Line TETRA base station antennas on its tactical mobile communication system, DIGITRAC.

Jaybeam Antenna Is Used For Public Safety Network In The Netherlands

The 7586200 Jaybeam antenna is being used for the C2000 public safety network in the Netherlands. The 7586200 antenna from Jaybeam was chosen as the main antenna for upgrading the C2000 Network in the Netherlands and was integrated late 2016/early 2017.

DeLaval via Flextronics selects Procom antennas

DeLaval is a leading supplier of solutions that improve the performance of farms for professional food producers. DeLaval activity meter system is designed to give the highest hit rate for finding cows in heat, together with excellent cow comfort and 24-hour surveillance. For its antenna provision, DeLaval chooses Procom's antennas across the globe.

Trevor Wright joins antennaPRO as Business Development Manager

antennaPRO is delighted to welcome Trevor Wright to their team as Business Development Manager. Trevor’s new role will be supporting and developing existing customers businesses. He will also be responsible for exploring new areas and opportunities for the expanding Amphenol portfolio product lines including ATEX antennas, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) and Cable and Connectors business.

Latest Amphenol Case Studies from recent European Sales Meeting

Our team recently attended an Amphenol Group training event and learnt about many forthcoming products as well as many customer applications for our range.

antennaPRO, Connecting Multi Manufacturer Brands

As the UK distributor for the Amphenol Product range which include Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam, we have extensive access to an amazing portfolio of combiners, duplexers, antennas, DAS product whether you are using either Hytera, Motorola, Icom, Kenwood or any other manufacturer’s brands across analogue, digital, TETRA or cellular product ranges.

New Cable Products for Business and Industrial RF Communication Systems

antennaPro is pleased to introduce a new range of cable products for business and industrial communication systems. The new cable products are manufactured by Amphenol Private Networks, a leading global developer, manufacturer with decades of innovation and experience.

New PROCOM PRO-DIPX 80/88 50W Diplexer Available for the 0 - 80 MHz and 88 – 960 MHz Ranges

If you are looking to combine or split both 0 - 80 MHz and 88 - 960 MHz frequencies on your radio systems then the PRO-DIPX 80/88 may be the diplexer you are looking for. Featuring a Chebychev filter design, this new PROCOM diplexer ensures very high isolation across the entire pass ranges along with very low insertion loss.

New CXL 174-240C Broad-Band Base Station VHF Antenna from PROCOM

A new 0 dBd gain, omnidirectional base station antenna covering the 174-240 MHz band is now available. The CXL 174-240C, is a high performance broad-banded antenna and provides resistance to corrosion making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

antennaPRO to Exhibit at BAPCO 2017 (Stand A19)

antennaPRO will be showcasing its selection of specialist communication products for the public sector at this year’s BAPCO Annual Exhibition and Conference, taking place between 21st and 22nd March at the International Centre, Telford.

Amphenol Private Networks (APN) has a new Managing Director

Mette Brink has joined Amphenol Private Networks (APN) as its new Managing Director. Mette will be responsible for the whole Amphenol Private Networks group, comprising the Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam brands as well as the manufacturing plants in Wellingborough, UK and Frederikssund, Denmark.

MA 160-Ex ATEX certified End-fed ½ λ Dipole Marine/Base Station VHF Antenna

Designed for use in potentially explosive areas, the MA 160-Ex is a 0 dBd, vertically polarized, omnidirectional marine and base station antenna specified for use in gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC in zone 2. The ATEX antenna has a black-chromed stainless steel whip and covers the 154 - 161 MHz band.

New PRL 100W-LP-7/16 (m) High Power (100W) Low PIM Load

The PRL 100W-LP-7/16(m) is a new high Power (100W) low PIM load designed to cover 380 - 3000 MHz This coaxial load has a very low SWR and a very low PIM value and the surface of the load is black anodized.

Changes at PROCOM A/S

After nine successful years as Managing Director of Procom A/S, Peter Borregaard has decided to step down to focus on new personal projects. His replacement will join Procom on the 1st March 2017.

What to consider when sourcing an Antenna!

There are a multitude of factors to consider when sourcing a commercial antenna. Firstly and most importantly is the frequency band. If the antenna is not working efficiently at the desired frequency then much of the transmitted signal will be reflected back from the antenna, rather than radiated from it. This reflected power, not only is wasted energy, but potentially can cause damage to the transmitter. Likewise, in the receive path, a poorly matched antenna will not pass signals efficiently to the receiver, thus degrading system performance.

Accessories for Procom, Jaybeam & Skymasts Products

As well as carrying a comprehensive, market leading inventory of antennas, filters, combiners and DAS components, we also stock a range of accessories to support the equipment you purchase from us.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Combining Systems, but were afraid to ask?

Simply put, a combining system places multiple transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) signals onto a single common port. Within a combining system, a Tx combiner gathers all transmit signals together onto a single output port whilst a Receive Multicoupler will take incoming signals and split them to feed multiple receivers. If the Tx output and Rx input are both fed into the Tx and Rx ports on a duplexer then the resulting common (Ant) port carries both signals to/from a single antenna creating a multi-channel RF combining system.

Download the Latest PROCOM A/S Product Catalogues!

PROCOM product catalogues are now available to download. Each catalogue provides details of each product range together with specifications and where applicable optional accessories for each product.

The Important Role Played by Filtering Solutions in a Communication System

In a perfect world, RF filtering equipment would not exist as radio equipment would transmit/receive the desired signal perfectly. However this is far from a reality as radio equipment, generally built to high standards, has certain tolerances and limitations meaning that other out-of-band signals can be transmitted or received. If such signals are left unchecked, there is a good chance that someone somewhere could be affected (even on your own system), creating a loss of performance. It is the role of RF filters to help eliminate these unwanted signals and to provide optimum performance for your radio system.

Who are Amphenol Private Networks?

As distributors for Amphenol Private Networks in the UK and Ireland, antennaPRO are extremely proud to represent their brands; Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam. As long standing customers of the Procom product range, you will already be used to the high quality and reliability, however, how much do you know about these other brands?

New Amphenol Private Networks Corporate Catalogue

A new catalogue illustrating the diverse, multiple solutions available from the Amphenol Group is now available.

New Procom TETRA Combiner Catalogue

Procom have released a new catalogue dedicated to its Tetra combiner range.

antennaPRO Newsletter - July 2016

Our latest PDF newsletter is now ready to download.

antennaPRO website gets a fresh new look

You may have noticed a brand new look to this website. Our homepage has gone through a complete redesign to emphasise our status as the number one distributor of antenna, duplexer, combiner and filtering solutions in the UK and Southern Ireland.

PROCOM, Skymasts and Jaybeam Solutions on show at FCS Comms Installer 2016

Solutions for the professional installer market from the combined Amphenol group will be on show at FCS Comms Installer 2016, the one-day industry summit and exhibition for all vehicle installation professionals. Representing the group will be UK distributor, antennaPRO, who will be showcasing the very best comms solutions from the PROCOM, Skymasts and Jaybeam product ranges.

New Unity-Gain Marine and Base Station Antenna for the 150 MHz Band

A new multi-purpose, omnidirectional, 0dBd, base station/marine antenna, the CXL 150-1LW-SS-R is now available from antennaPRO. The antenna provides high performance and is resistant to corrosion making it ideal for a wide range of maritime applications including onboard vessels or in coastal based offices such as in marinas or harbours.

New Mounting Kit for PROCOM MPX 2/6 and MPX 70/6 Duplex Filters

A new 19 inch rack mounting kit is now available allowing flexible integration of either the MPX 2/6 and MPX 70/6 duplex filters with a repeater (including the new Motorola SLR 5500).

New 50W PROCOM Diplexer (0 - 520 MHz and 790 - 2700 MHz)

If you are looking to combine or split both 0 – 520 MHz and 790 – 2700 MHz frequencies on your radio systems then the PRO-DIPX 520/790-2700 may be the diplexer you are looking for.

Video Introduction to PROCOM A/S, leading manufacturer of antennas, filters and combining systems

We are proud to have represented the PROCOM A/S brand for the last ten years. They develop and manufacture some really exceptional products, but how much do you really know about the Danish company?

Specifying for a new Communication System…come and speak to the UK’s Leading antenna, duplexer, combiner and filtering solutions specialist

For over a decade, antennaPRO, formerly PROCOM UK has been supplying the business radio, telecom, industrial and maritime markets with the Procom range of antenna, duplexer, combiner and filtering solutions.

Attend the antennaPRO UK Roadshow events throughout April 2016

AntennaPRO together with representatives from Amphenol Private Networks will be holding a series of UK roadshow events throughout April. Each event will be informal and will cover the latest news from Procom, Skymast and Jaybeam Wireless.

Communication Specialist antennaPRO to attend BAPCO 2016 (Stand R1)

antennaPRO, formerly known as Procom UK, will be attending the 2016 BAPCO Show (22nd-23rd March 2016) for the first time in its new corporate identity. The company, now positioned as the UK’s leading specialists of antenna, duplexer, combiner and filtering solutions, will be showcasing a selection of its huge product range available from the Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam portfolios.

New CXL 2-1LW-CS-R Multi-Purpose Base Station/Marine Antenna

A new multi-purpose, base station/marine antenna called the CXL 2-1LW-CS-R is now available from antennaPRO. This new antenna is vibration-proof, lightweight, slim-line, corrosion-resistant and can be used either onboard vessels or in coastal based offices such as in marinas or harbours.

Discontinuation of PROCOM Microwave Antenna Range

Procom A/S have informed us that its range of microwave antennas including omnidirectional antennas, parabolic antennas and professional link antennas will be discontinued after July 1st 2016.

New Procom LW-SS Stainless Steel Antenna Mount

We are pleased to announce a brand new, light weight, stainless steel antenna mount from Procom. The new "LW-SS" mount is made from a high strength low carbon steel alloy and is especially suited to extreme marine environments due to it's superior resistance to corrosion.

New UHF Panel Antennas for Multi Carrier Operation

The 760 series of UHF Panel antenna has been designed to offer a very stable radiation pattern whilst giving a very wide bandwidth of operation. This approach enables the use of the antenna for multi carrier operation, and for use where site sharing is also a requirement. The antenna features carefully selected high quality components throughout including the main housing of the antenna being made from corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium.

New CXL TETRA/LTE 800C Dual-band, Base Station Antenna for TETRA and LTE 800 Bands

The CXL TETRA/LTE 800C is a dual-band 0 dBd, vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station antenna This antenna makes it possible to operate TETRA and LTE 800 transceivers alternately on the same antenna or simultaneously* on one antenna using a diplexer (*PRO-DIPX 520/790-2700-7/16 - must be ordered separately).

CXL 70-3/GPS 4 Dual Band Antenna for TETRA and GPS

This CXL 70-3/GPS 4 active antenna series has been designed for professional users using both TETRA and GPS.

Check out Procom’s Innovative XG-COMBI Mount Antenna!

Have you seen Procom’s revolutionary GPS Combi mount antenna yet? The innovative mobile mount with “streamline” look can be installed virtually anywhere on the body of a car making it suitable for a variety of applications including VHF, UHF, TETRA and LTE 700.

Introducing the Eight element SHF Yagi antenna from Skymasts

If you are an organisation that requires a stable antenna solution for long range SHF links, then the S.8YS SHF yagi is your answer. Offering a high gain directive pattern, the folded dipole incorporates a d.c. short to minimise static interference. The balun assembly is completely encapsulated in a closed cell foam, preventing moisture ingress. The all welded polyester coated construction lends itself to marine environments.

UHF Indoor Ceiling Mount Antenna

Considering some of the coverage/installation issues a radio engineer may face, the innovative 802.00.05.00 ceiling mount antenna can be conveniently installed with minimal disturbance.

New UHF / TETRA Indoor panel antenna available from antennaPRO

If you are looking to get good indoor or outdoor coverage for your TETRA or other UHF repeater systems, you should look no further than a new broadband panel antenna manufactured by Skymasts antennas. Named the 752.01.05.00, the dual-patch design gives the antenna stable radiation characteristics over a broad band of frequencies making it especially ideal for a large range of indoor multichannel UHF repeater networks.

Skymasts and Jaybeam Wireless Solutions Available from antennaPRO

Further to our recent announcement, antennaPRO are now able to offer a full range of solutions from Amphenol Private Networks including Antennas, Cables, DAS Components, Duplexers, Filters, RF Combining Systems and other bespoke products from the Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam Wireless family of products.

antennaPRO’s Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Over the holiday period, antennaPRO will closed over the following days.

antennaPRO Showcase Commercial Portfolio at FCS Business Radio 2015

antennaPRO will be attending FCS Business Radio 15 (BR15) with its latest range of antenna, duplexer, combiner and RF Filtering Solutions. The event held at Chateau Impney in Worcestershire on the Thursday 19th November will see a gathering together of the business radio industry to review regulatory changes and new industry and business developments.

New Miniature Receiver Multicoupler (50-960MHz) from antennaPRO

The Procom HPRS miniature receiver multicoupler has been specially designed to make your radio system more efficient. This new multicoupler can be used in a combining system making a single received line into two or four separate lines. Thus, it makes it possible to run several radio receivers simultaneously on the same antenna.

Introducing the PROCOM PRO-TRI (88/136-174/216-960) 50W Triplexer

antennaPRO have introduced a new 50 Watt Triplexer to its product range. The PRO-TRI 88/136-174/216 makes it possible to use only one antenna* with the operation of three transceivers within the 0 - 88MHz, 136 - 174MHz and 216 - 960MHz frequency bands.

New ATEX certified Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas

Danish antenna manufacturer Procom has added two new ATEX certified Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas to its ATEX range. Brought to you in the UK by specialist antenna distributor antennaPRO, both models provide an effective and efficient solution for base stations operating on either 146-175MHz or 2200 - 2700MHz.

Procom A/S Acquired by Amphenol Group

We are pleased to announce that Procom & Skymasts are now part of the Amphenol Corporation. This is part of the continued market growth and product expansion plans and will see some exciting new prospects for us and our customers on the horizon.

Introducing Procom DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Solution for Indoor Coverage

antennaPRO is pleased to introduce the new range of PROCOM DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solutions. The range of products provides a positive way of improving indoor coverage by distributing radio signals in a precise and measured way to eliminate dead or poor coverage areas.

antennaPRO introduce new CBBR-400 TETRA band selective repeater

Danish Manufacturer Procom A/S has an incredible array of TETRA products in its portfolio that provide communication solutions to many industries and organisations. The CBBR-400 TETRA band selective repeater is its latest TETRA product, designed for 400 MHz TETRA systems in areas, which cannot be covered economically with base stations.

antennaPRO Launch New TETRA Combiner Products

antennaPRO have recently launched several new combiner products for the TETRA market. Each of the products has being designed to be the smallest and most compact units on the market, suitable for both stationary and mobile use as well as being available in a tray for 19" rack mounting.

Skymast Antennas Products Now Available from antennaPRO

Following the acquisition of Skymast Antennas by Procom A/S, we would like to inform you that antennaPRO are able to supply the full range of Skymast antenna products and accessories along with Andrew cables and connectors.

Follow antennaPRO On Google Plus!

We now have a company page on Google Plus, providing another way for you to keep up to date with all the news from antennaPRO, the leading specialists in antenna, duplexer, combiner and RF Filtering Solutions in the UK.

antennaPRO Introduce Short Active Three-Frequency NAVTEX Receiving Antenna

Specially designed for NAVTEX (Navigational Telex) receivers, an automated system used to transmit navigational alerts, weather warnings and urgent safety and rescue information, Procom’s new NTA 3E-SHT Short Active three-frequency antenna receives on the three NAVTEX frequencies 490 kHz, 518 kHz and 4209.5 kHz.

antennaPRO Introduce TETRA 6dBd Colinear Antenna

The 4220 Series colinear antenna is designed for demanding applications where a durable and high performance colinear antenna is required. The centre fed dipole design and feed network gives a stable radiation pattern across a wide bandwidth, and allows tilted beam designs to be effectively employed without large pattern distortions.

Follow the antennaPRO Company Page on LinkedIn

antennaPRO have launched a company page on LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site.

ATEX Approved Antenna Solutions for Hazardous Commercial Environments

antennaPRO is pleased to announce details of a new range of antennas designed, tested and approved in compliance with European 94/9EC ATEX directive. The new range will be certified to ATEX level ATEX CLASS: II 3G Ex nA IIA IIC T6 for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

antennaPRO Launch New Procom MA 160 Marine Antenna Range

AntennaPRO are pleased to introduce the new MA160 End-fed ½ λ dipole marine VHF and base station antenna. Inheriting the PROCOM quality build and construction, this new base station and maritime VHF antenna has been developed for use on board ships as well as on masts.

antennaPRO Launch New Responsive Website

antennaPRO, distributor of PROCOM duplexer, combiner, antenna and RF filtering solutions are proud to announce the launch of a new website, one of the first fully responsive desktop, tablet and mobile websites in the two way radio industry.

antennaPRO Awarded International Sales Accolade From Antenna Manufacturer, PROCOM A/S

Bob Stockley, Managing Director of antennaPRO recently collected a PROCOM Partner Award for ‘Best Sales of Compact Combiners’ at the recent PROCOM Executive partner event in Copenhagen, Denmark on 3rd - 4th June 2015.

Sign up to the antennaPRO Newsletter

There are a huge amount of things going on behind the scenes since our change in corporate identity. There are lots of innovative products coming to market as well as a great new website and newsletter which we will be launching very soon.

antennaPRO to Showcase Commercial Antenna Portfolio at FCS Comms Installer 2015

The FCS Comms Installer 2015, the one-day industry summit and exhibition for all vehicle installation professionals marks the debut of antennaPRO, the official distributor of PROCOM A/S products in the UK and Eire. The event which takes place on Thursday 4th June 2015 will see Matt Luckhurst (Sales Executive) and Tony Barnett (Service Technician) exhibit the company’s extensive range of solutions for the professional installer market.

antennaPRO, New company, Same Quality and Service!

antennaPRO has now been trading for three weeks and we are very appreciative of your understanding and support about the change in our corporate identity.

antennaPRO– Specialists in duplexer, Antenna, Combiner and RF filtering Equipment

antennaPRO is the new name of Procom UK, the official distributor of PROCOM A/S products in the UK and Eire. The change in identity is an affirmation of the company’s strong business growth and independence that will allow the company to source and develop solutions for it growing customer base across all industry sectors.

Procom Release New TETRA Combiners

Procom have recently added two new products to its wide range of TETRA Combining products.

Procom A/S, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

We are pleased to announce that Procom is now ISO 9001:2008 certified for its quality management system. The achievement demonstrates Procom’s commitment to providing the highest quality products and services. The certification is also a significant milestone in our continual efforts to improve and reflect its on-going investment in technology, development and process management.

Procom Announce Two New Broadband Base Antennas

Procom add two new broadband base station antennas to its portfolio of antenna products.

Procom announce a new Ultra Wideband Omindirectional low profile DAS indoor antenna.

The new UWB-I 380-6000 is capable of supporting TETRA, GSM, PCS, LDMA, UMTS, WiFi 2.4 and 5.6GHz, 4G LTE and WiMax.

Procom acquires Skymasts Antennas Ltd

Procom A/S has acquired the UK antenna manufacturer Skymasts Antennas Ltd, based in Northampton.

Procom have recently added a new mount to its portfolio of Mobile Antenna products.

Procom introduces the XG-GPS mount offering a GPS antenna with external antenna for a wide variety of applications including VHF, UHF, TETRA and LTE.

Procom Introduce New Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Procom have recently introduced some new Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) components to their wide portfolio of RF products.

Procom Launch Covert Body Antenna for the TETRA-Band.

Procom introduces the latest addition to its range of Tetra products the DDEFD 70/390MHz a flexible covert body antenna consisting of two separate ½ W antennas for optimal performance.

Procom Add Two New 4-Channel 19” 3 HU Single Tray Combiner Systems

Procom have recently added two new 4-Channel 19” 3 HU Single tray combiner systems to its wide range of Combining products.

Procom Introduce the PRO-AREL1-12V Alarm Box.

The PRO-AREL1-12V Alarm box is used for detecting high SWR in antenna systems.

New Products added to the Procom’s RF filtering Range

Procom have recently added two new filters to its wide range of RF filtering products.

Procom Add New Base Antennas To Portfolio.

Procom add two new downtilt antennas to its portfolio of antenna products along with a new Tetra Base Station Antenna.

Procom Launch A New Series Of 100W Duplexers

Procom are pleased to announce the launch of a new series of high-performance 100W Diplexers covering VHF, TETRA and UHF frequency bands.

New PROCOM ISM Antennas

New from Procom UK are two low-profile fixed antennas for the 2.4 GHz and 5.5 GHz bands.

New PROCOM Portable SWR Analyser

From Procom UK comes a compact, all-in-one handheld SWR analyser with daylight-viewable graphical display, built-in signal generator and a data storage system. The SWR 4000 provides wideband coverage from 30 to 2700 MHz.

Procom makes a new addition to the team

Procom UK Ltd has recently made a new appointment to the team. Chris Leech joins the company in Field Sales. He is joining Procom UK Ltd on our second birthday and at a busy and exciting time as we prepare to build on two very successful years,


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