Introducing the ProShotG Endpoint Antenna

We are pleased to announce the latest antenna innovation from Amphenol Procom, the ProShotG. The ProShotG is an endpoint antenna designed for both fixed and mobile applications.

What is ATEX and why I should choose an Amphenol Procom ATEX antenna?

ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres: 99.92/EC (workplace) and 2014/34/EU (equipment). Since July 2003, it has been mandatory to use ATEX-approved equipment in environments such as the chemical industry, oil refineries, offshore installations, the milling industry, the paint industry, the mining industry, etc.

Blurring the lines between Mobility and Fixed Wireless Access – ProEdge Antenna

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our revolutionary fixed wireless ProEdge antenna, designed for connectivity for fixed wireless access and mobility solutions alike!

ProNexus Plus, The World’s First Low Profile 8x8 MiMo Antenna Covering up to 7.2 GHz

ProNexus Plus is Amphenol Procom's latest breakthrough - a first-to-market, next-generation 8x8 MiMo antenna for fixed and mobile applications engineered for 5G and Gigabyte class LTE routers. This cutting-edge 15-in-1 antenna redefines the standards for speed and connectivity within the smallest footprint, enabling maximisation of both spectral efficiency and minimising installation cost for by reducing the need of additional antennas.

What is LTE450?

You may have seen our recent posts about Amphenol Procom LTE450 products, which are becoming more popular globally. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the demand for reliable and robust connectivity solutions continues to grow. LTE450, a cutting-edge wireless communication technology operating within the 450 MHz frequency band, has emerged as a game-changer in providing seamless connectivity in challenging environments.

Introducing the New PRO-DAR Receiver Multicoupler

The PRO-DAR is a new high dynamic dual amplifier receiver multicoupler designed for analogue LMR/PMR and digital DMR/dPMR radio applications in the 80 MHz, 150 MHz VHF band and 450 MHz UHF bands.

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Sales Product Training with antennaPRO

The setup and installation of the range of products we supply can be quite technical, requiring necessary knowledge and training.

Boost Your Portable Radio Performance

In most applications, the OEM "rubber duck" antenna, as fitted to the majority of handportable radios serves a functional purpose, allowing satisfactory communications in most operating scenarios.

antennaPRO’s Opening Hours Over Christmas and the New Year

antennaPRO will close on Friday 22nd, closing at noon for the holiday period. We will then reopen for business in the New Year at 8.30 am on Tuesday the 2nd of January.


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