New ETC-250 Clamp for 50-76mm Diameter Base Station Antennas

New ETC-250 Clamp for 50-76mm Diameter Base Station Antennas

Amphenol Procom has just launched a new standard clamp for all 50-76mm diameter base antennas.

This clamp is called the ETC-250 and will work with many of our base station antennas such as the 42XX, 7073, 7074, CXL-5S/L.

The ETC-250 has been engineered to offer superior strength and stability, providing resistance against high winds and storms. This clamp has been designed to be very easy to install and pre-assembly is not required. The ETC-250 is finished with a Surtec 650 coating and A4 stainless steel fixtures, to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The ETC-250 provides better earthing due to the increased surface area, giving better protection for lightning-proof antennas.

This clamp replaces the 2141.01.00.00 for mast diameters of 50-76mm or 2-3”.

To find out more about the ETC-250, download the PDF brochure on the side of this page. Alternatively, give our team a call on 01227 743099 or


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