Introducing the ProShotG Endpoint Antenna

Introducing the ProShotG Endpoint Antenna

We are pleased to announce the latest antenna innovation from Amphenol Procom, the ProShotG. The ProShotG is an endpoint antenna designed for both fixed and mobile applications.

The ProShotG is a shot glass style omni-mobile antenna. The antenna is designed to provide wideband coverage across a broad frequency range of 617 - 7200MHz. This makes it suitable for 2G/3G/4G and 5G networks, WiFi 6E and WiFi 7 networks, IoT and M2M applications. Its wideband capabilities ensure the antenna is versatile for various applications such as in vehicles, industrial robotics, telemetry, smart metering, smart cities, automated parking and backup and remote terminal data connections.

The ProShotG is weatherproof and designed for easy mounting, with IP67 and IK10 ratings. Its omnidirectional pattern and wideband frequency coverage make it perfect for anywhere worldwide.

Whether it's for vehicles, industrial settings, cellular modems/routers, or M2M applications, the ProShotG endpoint antenna stands out. Just check out these features:

Key Features:

• Wideband Omni LTE/5G Coverage: 617 - 7200 MHz
• Input Power: Capable of handling up to 50 W
• High quality enclosure rated IP67 for water and dust ingress and IK10 for impact
• Easy mounting with a single through-hole stud or cable/pigtail version
• ECE R118.02 approved cable on pigtail version
• Multiple antennas can also be used together for MIMO applications

For further information about the ProShotG, click the product links below.

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