Introducing the GPS/Iridium-FME antenna...designed for Satellite Communications

Introducing the GPS/Iridium-FME antenna...designed for Satellite Communications

The Amphenol Procom GPS/Iridium-FME antenna provides an excellent solution for Icom’s new Satellite PTT radio system enhancing its performance.

The antenna is perfect for any situation that requires the Icom satellite PTT radio solution to be used in a location without a clear view of the sky. This fixed external antenna extends the reception of the satellite PTT device and delivers exceptional performance for permanent in-building or marine applications. Installation of this antenna is simple, mount the antenna so it can see the sky and run a single antenna cable from the antenna to the satellite PTT radio.

The antenna is a right-hand circularly polarised antenna which minimises the fading effect often encountered in environments with reflecting obstacles. The antenna covers the GPS and Iridium band: 1575 and 1616 - 1626.5 MHz and is suitable for mounting on 1” threaded water pipe or with an appropriate Amphenol Procom bracket. A range of low-loss cable is also available to make the perfect installation for your specific needs.

This solution is suitable for multiple applications, eg boats, command and control vehicles and for fixed-base building installation. As such, it will assist humanitarian, multinational, energy-exploration organisations plus any user that needs communication in remote, isolated areas or for emergency assistance where terrestrial communication does not exist.

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