Who are the Amphenol Private Networks?

Who are the Amphenol Private Networks?

As distributors for Amphenol Private Networks in the UK and Ireland, antennaPRO are extremely proud to represent their brands; Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam. As long standing customers of the Procom product range, you will already be used to the high quality and reliability, however, how much do you know about these other brands?

After a merger and acquisition, Amphenol Private Networks (APN) now owns the Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam brands giving the group one of the most extensive and versatile portfolio of antenna, duplexer, combiner and RF filtering equipment.

APN designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of antenna, combining and filtering equipment for a whole host of industry sectors. Jaybeam Wireless develop, manufacture and supply antennas for local broadcast and military markets across the globe. Jaybeam’s antenna business extends through factories in the UK, France, USA, Mexico, Brazil and India. In 2010, remaining within its Northampton roots, Jaybeam saw a doubling of its PMR manufacturing capacity to become the European centre of PMR development and production.

Skymasts Antennas is another UK antenna manufacturer in the APN group supplying wireless antenna products and accessories. Formed in 1991 and with its research & development and manufacturing facility based in the heart of Northamptonshire, Skymasts Antennas continue to be at the forefront of antenna design and innovation playing a key role in some of the world’s most prestigious civil and defence wireless communications systems.

Together, Jaybeam, Procom and Skymasts are dedicated to delivering its customers some of the world’s most innovative and class leading products. As their official distributor we are delighted to be able to tap into the multitude of solutions that they supply. Contact our sales team on 01227 743099 or email sales@procomuk.co.ukfor further information.


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