What you should tell us when ordering new filters

What you should tell us when ordering new filters

As the official distributor for Amphenol Procom products in the UK and Southern Ireland we can source a vast range of filtering equipment including duplex filters, band pass filters, band reject filters, pass reject filters, low pass filters, diplexers and triplexers.

These products are designed by experienced engineers and are built to stringent standards. The use of high-quality materials in connection with an extensive QA-system ensures the high quality of both electrical specifications as well as mechanical parameters.

As you can realise specifying for an exact filtering product needs to be accurate. Otherwise, it could affect your system performance. Therefore when ordering, we advise you to think about the following to ensure that the equipment we get to you is right the first time.

- Frequency
- Bandwidth
- Insertion Loss
- Return loss/
- What band do you want to reject
- Power requirement
- Size (will it be a large cavity?)
- Connector type
- Temperature range
- IP Rating…is the equipment going outside

If you have any questions with any of the equipment you are ordering, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01227 743099 or via email at sales@antennapro.co.uk.


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