What is Cel-Fi and how can it improve mobile coverage for my business

What is Cel-Fi and how can it improve mobile coverage for my business

The Cel-Fi range is the best solution on the market for addressing the universal challenge of inadequate mobile phone coverage in an office, warehouse, retail environment or any business area where there is a coverage shortfall. Cel-Fi solves the problem of In-building coverage whether for cellular or PoC.

As an authorised distributor of Cel-Fi products in the UK, antennaPRO have been focussing on two products aimed at business. In general, GO X and Quatra can be thought of as a solution for small or large buildings.

• GoX is a small scale solution and may be ideal for a control room, small warehouse operation, manufacturing plant, single office or an office floor.
• Quatra is suited to providing coverage on multiple floors or larger buildings like a large warehouse which could be potentially be 50-100 meters wide.

Both products are:

• Licence Free and approved by Network Operators.
• Simple and easy to set up and install.
• Satisfies Ofcom’s requirements concerning the use of such equipment, making it legal to use on all 3G and 4G networks.
• Cel-Fi equipment is quick to install and can be administered with a simple APP so you can quickly see what your network is doing from a cell phone, laptop or an iPad.
• Provide a major enhancement to short range LTE/PoC radio systems.
• Cheaper and less obtrusive than traditional radio solutions which may include leaky feeders and repeaters.

An inspection of the site and installation is critical in the setup of a Cel-Fi system. Trevor Wright, Business Development Manager at antennaPRO said, ‘In an ideal world if you have a client that wants a professional report, then you can measure the received signal strength in various parts of the building. Overlay that on a PDF and prove to your client where it works and where it doesn't and then where you would need to install the devices to give you the signalling in those areas. Typically, wide-open areas are easiest to cover but in a multi-storey building once you have internal walls made up of brick and steel you have to carefully review how the system will work. Fortunately, the Cel-Fi system is very easy to use and takes a fraction of the time compared to normal radio site surveys.’

He added, ’In an empty warehouse you would probably find that one antenna would cover the whole building but as soon as you start to populate that with internal walls, racking and materials that the warehouse may be holding then this will restrict coverage. So, you would maybe go from a single site GO X solution to a Quatra solution where could use up to four antennas to distribute the mobile signal throughout that building.’

Trevor went on to say, ‘As to the future, a huge market potential will be when the Public Safety sector goes full cellular coverage with the new ESN network and there will be a greater emphasis on coverage. For example, you cannot have a Police Officer running down the street, chasing a criminal into a building. As soon as he goes into the building, he loses all radio comms. So, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of buildings throughout the country with very poor or little cellular coverage that will need to be covered from a public safety point of view. But that’s not just for the Police, that’s for every Blue light service when they transfer over.’

‘Smart radio dealers see the Cel-Fi product range as an addition to their current skill set and business. Radio engineers will already have the skills with RF so this should be a logical extension to their expertise and business. It’s another form of RF - just that the frequencies are a lot higher. So, if you have the expertise in your business and the people that understand it, why wouldn’t you want to promote and carry it.’

To download our PDF brochure, click on What is Cel-Fi and how can it improve mobile coverage for my business brochure.

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