Technical Workshops Held by antennaPRO

Technical Workshops Held by antennaPRO

We have recently held a series of technical workshops across the country. The first of these was held at the Amphenol Private Networks Group headquarters in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire on the 12th October 2017. Led by our Business Development Manager Trevor Wright, the event saw our customers given a tour of the factory as well as training sessions focussing on antennas.

During the tour, our customers were shown different build stages for various types of antenna, the anechoic (RF testing) chamber and a glimpse of their product development (R&D) lab.

Supporting Trevor were representatives from the Amphenol Private Networks Group including Torbjorn Barfod (Area Sales Manager) who provided an introduction to the changes within the group. Daniel Merrills (Product Manager) ran the training sessions covering subjects including antenna fundamentals, antenna products and accessories.

Trevor said, ‘There have been many changes within the APN group as well as a consolidation between Skymasts, Jaybeam and Procom product ranges, so our customers found this update session useful.’

If you would like you or your team to attend future antennaPRO training sessions, please contact Trevor Wright (Business Development Manager), email: or phone 07977 266156.


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