RF solutions for Utility and Industrial Operations?

RF solutions for Utility and Industrial Operations?

Radiocommunications play an essential role in modern industry, securing workers' safety and allowing automated machine to machine communications for efficient control and monitoring. Reliable radio equipment is vital to the success of these industrial operations and is often critical to workers' safety in dangerous environments.

Amphenol Procom has produced a new video during lockdown that showcases solutions for these sectors. The video focusses on the UWTA 600-6000 Low Profile Antenna and the Duplex Band Pass Filter for the 150 MHz band.

You can watch this video by clicking here:

Utility & Industry – Amphenol Procom RF Solutions Video

If you have any questions about these products or anything else in the Amphenol Procom range, contact our team on 01227 743099 or email sales@antennapro.co.uk.


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