ProNexus Plus, The World’s First Low Profile 8x8 MiMo Antenna Covering up to 7.2 GHz

ProNexus Plus, The World’s First Low Profile 8x8 MiMo Antenna Covering up to 7.2 GHz

ProNexus Plus is Amphenol Procom's latest breakthrough - a first-to-market, next-generation 8x8 MiMo antenna for fixed and mobile applications engineered for 5G and Gigabyte class LTE routers. This cutting-edge 15-in-1 antenna redefines the standards for speed and connectivity within the smallest footprint, enabling maximisation of both spectral efficiency and minimising installation cost for by reducing the need of additional antennas.

ProNexus Plus 8x8 Fixed and Mobile Antenna
Designed with a sleek, low-profile form, the ProNexus Plus seamlessly integrates into any setting, whether mobile or fixed. The practical versatility is combined with robust performance to deliver superior internet experience, providing the lowest latency and highest throughputs for your 8x8 LTE/5G router.

Optimised for the future yet compatible with today's needs, this MiMo antenna is not just an antenna but a leap forward in wireless connectivity. Unleash the true potential of your network and step into the future of blazing-fast 5G with our next-generation antenna.

ProNexus Plus Key features:
• 8x8 MiMo all-in-one - optimised for CAT 18/CAT 22 routers.
• Covering 617 to 7200 MHz and including
• 6x6 Wi-Fi 6e – future proof solution.
• Compact design – easy to retrofit.

The ProNexus Plus has numerous applications in the Public Services, transport, autonomous vehicles and with 5G/LTE routers.

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