New Miniature Receiver Multicoupler (50-960MHz) from antennaPRO

New Miniature Receiver Multicoupler (50-960MHz) from antennaPRO

The Procom HPRS miniature receiver multicoupler has been specially designed to make your radio system more efficient. This new multicoupler can be used in a combining system making a single received line into two or four separate lines. Thus, it makes it possible to run several radio receivers simultaneously on the same antenna.

Designed to operate between 50-960MHz, the HPRS incorporates a built in high-dynamic range amplifier to compensate for the loss in the multicoupler network.

Other versions are available covering other parts of the radio spectrum:

HPRS-S : 10kHz - 108MHz
HPRS-U : 790MHz - 2.7GHz

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