New Duplex Band-Pass Filter for PMR/DMR and Telemetry Networks

New Duplex Band-Pass Filter for PMR/DMR and Telemetry Networks

The DPBP 2/66-150 is a new high performance VHF 150 MHz Duplex Filter with a Band-Pass characteristic from Amphenol Procom. This DPBP-Filter has a very high isolation/rejection of spurious noise on both the low and high side of the Pass Bands. Furthermore, it also highly rejects noise, which can occur on the 3rd & 5th harmonics.

This RF Filter is suitable for various applications where reliable communications are paramount and would benefit SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Telemetry, Utilities, Gas, Oil, Transportation, Water Supply and Wind Farms. For example, electricity and energy companies would benefit significantly by using the DPBP 2/66-150 for their large networks for data collection.

To download full details about this product and its specifications, click on the PDF download on the right hand side of this page. Alternatively, if you are interested in what this new RF filter can offer your business, contact our sales team on 01227 743099 or email


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