New CXL 2-1LW-CS-R Multi-Purpose Base Station/Marine Antenna

New CXL 2-1LW-CS-R Multi-Purpose Base Station/Marine Antenna

A new multi-purpose, base station/marine antenna called the CXL 2-1LW-CS-R is now available from antennaPRO. This new antenna is vibration-proof, lightweight, slim-line, corrosion-resistant and can be used either onboard vessels or in coastal based offices such as in marinas or harbours.

The CXL 2-1LW-CS-R is available in three versions covering the 160 MHz band with a 10 MHz overlap. It features a broad-banded ½ λ dipole antenna element sealed in a high-quality conical glass fibre tube with low wind-load, which ensures undisturbed performance. Its LW-CS Mount is made from a high strength low carbon steel alloy which is well suited for extreme marine environments due to its superior resistance to corrosion.

The antenna can be mounted on vertical or horizontal mast tubes, 16 to 54 mm in outer diameter. The cable can be led either on the outside or along the inside of the mast tube.

The CXL 2-1LW-CS-R is DC-grounded to substantially reduce noise caused by atmospherically discharges and consequently shows a DC-short across the coaxial cable.

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