New ATEX certified Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas

New ATEX certified Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas

Danish antenna manufacturer Procom has added two new ATEX certified Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas to its ATEX range. Brought to you in the UK by specialist antenna distributor antennaPRO, both models provide an effective and efficient solution for base stations operating on either 146-175MHz or 2200 - 2700MHz. Designed for use in potentially explosive areas, the CXL 150-3LW-Ex (146-175MHz) and CXL 2400-3LW-Ex (2200 - 2700MHz) are 3dBd, vertically polarised, omnidirectional base station antenna specified for use in gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC in zone 2. There are four different versions of each to suit requirement.

Each antenna features a broad-banded antenna element which is sealed in a high-quality glass fibre tube with low wind-load ensuring performance undisturbed by corrosive environments. All metal parts in the antenna are DC-grounded.

Further details can be downloaded from the enclosed link.

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