New 42xx series UHF and LTE Antennas Available from antennaPRO

New 42xx series UHF and LTE Antennas Available from antennaPRO

In advanced communication networks, the reliance on the network to do what it was planned for is paramount. Public Safety networks, at a time when it is most critical, should just simply work. TETRA networks have deployed Amphenol Procom base station antennas since the very first network was installed way back in the mid-1990’s. Today LTE networks face the same challenges, not just for Public Safety, but for all LTE communication networks.

With many decades of experience in designing and manufacturing products for networks such as VHF, UHF, GSM, LTE and Public Safety. Amphenol Procom antennas offer the same quality reliable performance, even in the harshest of conditions. Ease of installation and minimal maintenance make Amphenol Procom products an ideal solution.

Amphenol Procom has now added the 42xx series to it an extensive range of base station antennas. These new Omni antennas are suited for even the harshest environment, tested to withstand temperatures as low as -55c (-67f) and survive wind speeds of 186mph (300kph). The antennas are sealed to an IP 56 rating providing lightning protection to 200 kA according to EN 62305-1 (Test pulse 10/350 μs).

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