Introducing the UWTA Wideband Terminal Antenna

Introducing the UWTA Wideband Terminal Antenna

The Amphenol Procom UWTA wideband terminal antenna addresses the challenges of water and moisture ingress, which are critical issues that can compromise data transmission in rugged environments.

The antenna offers a 600MHz to 6000MHz frequency range, a 25W maximum input power rating, and 50Ω impedance. It is 2G/3G/4G and 5G ready and features a low-profile design that enables installation in locations where a normal antenna would be impossible. Importantly, the UWTA antenna is protected to IP67 for installation in all-weather environments and is suitable for cellular, IoT, and Wi-Fi connections.

Key Features of the UWTA Antenna:

IP67 Waterproof Rating
Guarantees reliable operation in moisture-intensive settings, ensuring your systems stay operational, no matter the conditions.

Broad Application Spectrum
This antenna is versatile enough for various metering and fixed wireless applications suitable for any outdoor or indoor setting.

Robust IP67 RF Connector
Provides top-tier performance and resilience, maintaining signal integrity and durability in the most demanding circumstances.

Low Profile Design
Its low-profile design enables installation in locations where it is not practical for a normal antenna to be located.

Mount on glass, fibreglass, or other non-conductive surfaces.

The UWTA antenna will redefine connectivity and reliability across various sectors, including smart metering and vending. For further information about the UWTA Antenna, click on the leaflet download on the side of this page.

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