Introducing the CXL 900-8C Omni Antenna

Introducing the CXL 900-8C Omni Antenna

The CXL 900-8C is an 8dBd gain vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station antenna for the 900MHz cellular bands. Available in 2 models, the antenna is supplied with a "C" mast bracket, which is a universal, epoxy-coated mounting bracket made of non-corrosive aluminium. The accompanying U-bolts and fittings are made of stainless steel.

The antenna can be mounted on 27 to 65 mm diameter mast tubes and it is possible to lead the cable either along the inside or on the outside of the mast tube.

The broad-banded antenna element is completely enclosed in a glass fibre shroud, which will ensure performance undisturbed by corrosive environments.

To substantially reduce noise caused by atmospheric discharges, all metal parts in the antenna are DC-grounded.

Designed to withstand wind speed of up to 200 km/h and operate in temperatures ranging between -30°C to +70° this antenna is constructed to ensure high performance and long, dependable service for all environments.

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