Introducing the Amphenol Procom Marine Antenna Range

Introducing the Amphenol Procom Marine Antenna Range

Amphenol Procom's range of marine antennas has an enviable reputation for their high-quality manufacture and superb performance.

Its marine antenna range includes MF/HF frequencies through to Wi-Fi and above. Amphenol Procom's marine antennas are specifically designed to cope with the high demands of a marine environment, including salt-water spray, ship vibrations and extreme wind loads.

Designed by experienced engineers focusing on the professional user, the antennas are of sturdy construction manufactured using only the highest-quality materials and workmanship. Paired with an extensive Quality Assurance programme ensures a consistently high-performing product with excellent electrical & mechanical parameters.

Through many years of testing and product evolution, Amphenol Procom antennas have proven their strength and functionality with mariners worldwide.

Some of our popular marine antennas include:

MA 2-1 SC Marine VHF Antenna with Low Weight and Wind Load for Masthead.
CX 2-1/ Base Station and Marine VHF Antenna.
CXL 2-1LW/ Universal, Unity-Gain Base Station and Marine Antenna for the 160 MHz Band.
MA2-1SC-SHT Marine VHF Antenna with reduced height.
RX 5000 Self-Supporting Wide-Band Receiving Whip Antenna for the LF, MF and HF Bands.
HF 5000 5 m Self-Supporting MF/HF Transmitting Antenna for Mast Mounting.
HF 7500-3 HF Antenna (7.5 m Self-Supporting MF/HF Transmitting Antenna for Mast Mounting).

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