Introducing the Amphenol Procom GNSS 2020 Active Receive Antenna

Introducing the Amphenol Procom GNSS 2020 Active Receive Antenna

The Amphenol Procom GNSS 2020 is a new active receive antenna for GNSS, covering GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO. This new antenna is Ideally suited for any GNSS receiving system including network synchronisation.

Today’s Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) provide positioning coordinates such as longitude and latitude but also altitude data. However they also play another critical role when used within wireless communications systems. GNSS timing is used for synchronization between base stations within wireless mobile and data networks.

Each GNSS satellite contains more than one atomic clock that provides exact timing data and positioning data. Precise time data is crucial to keep all of the base stations in perfect synchronisation. This allows mobile handsets to efficiently optimise limited radio spectrum and increase communication data throughput.

The GNSS 2020 offers full hemispherical coverage for GNSS with a built in Low Noise Amplifier capable of taking a supply voltage of 3-15V with an N-type female connector. Environmental conditions have also been carefully considered. The shape of the antenna will not allow a build-up of snow and ice and is protected to IP67 with an operating temperature range of -40 to +70 C.

GNSS 2020 specifications include:

• Full hemispherical coverage for GNSS.
• Built-in high gain, low noise amplifier.
• Input filter for thorough RF-overload protection.
• Right-hand circular polarization (RHCP).
• 3 V - 15 V supply voltage.
• DC supply via RF-connector.
• Total design carried out to make the antenna withstand tough environments.
• Comprehensive range of accessory mounting brackets available.

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