Introducing the PROCOM PRO-TRI (88/136-174/216-960) 50W Triplexer

Introducing the PROCOM PRO-TRI (88/136-174/216-960) 50W Triplexer

antennaPRO have introduced a new 50 Watt Triplexer to its product range. The PRO-TRI 88/136-174/216 makes it possible to use only one antenna* with the operation of three transceivers within the 0 - 88MHz, 136 - 174MHz and 216 - 960MHz frequency bands.

The transceivers can be used simultaneously and will have no degrading influence on each other. Typically, the triplexer is installed next to the transceivers and only one cable is used between the triplexer and the antenna. The triplexer is suitable both for base station and mobile use.

The triplexer features a Chebychev design which ensures high isolation across the whole pass range. It also has a high power handling capability as well as low insertion loss. A milled aluminium box ensures high mechanical strength. N-connectors are standard on all ports. The triplexer is also available with SMA, TNC or BNC type connectors.

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* When used with a triple-frequency antenna.


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