Embedded Antenna Solution For Water Flow Monitoring

Embedded Antenna Solution For Water Flow Monitoring

A leading designer and manufacturer of water flow monitoring systems recently had a problem to solve. The company, whose products are used in sanitary and storm sewers, had potential water and moisture ingression in their antennas, causing their systems to fail and not send reports or monitored information.

The company wanted to avoid time-consuming in situ fixes in thousands of locations which would increase the maintenance schedule and costs.

In cooperation with its sister company Amphenol RF, Amphenol Procom’s solution was to co-create and deliver a multiband (600-6000MHz) Antenna. It is rated to IP67 with an Amphenol RF IP67 connector.

The UWTA has endless application opportunities. It’s not just suited to this water flow monitoring system, but all types of metering applications, based outside where the environment could hinder data collection because of water ingress.

This Ultra-Wideband Terminal Antenna is ideal for Smart Metering applications, Vending, Street Furniture and just about any fixed wireless device, located indoors or out.

If you have any questions about this product or anything else in the Amphenol Procom range, contact our team on 01227 743099 or email sales@antennapro.co.uk.


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