Do you Need to Increase the Strength of your Radio system?

Do you Need to Increase the Strength of your Radio system?

Amphenol Procom’s range of Low Noise Amplifiers are used as part of a radio receiving system amplifying and increasing the strength of a weak Rx radio input channel in order to be above the sensitivity of the actual radio receiver. RF Low Noise Amplifiers benefit by being high-dynamic, which means that they can amplify equally input signal over a broad frequency band.

Low Noise Amplifiers also compensate introduced loss in the RF signal path in front of a receiver system, e.g. high insertion loss in long Antenna cables or insertion loss in the Splitter Filter of a Receiver Multicoupler. Having RF gain like the introduced signal loss, will restore the original signal level and ensure the signal-to-noise ratio of a received radio signal is retained.

The Low Noise RF Amplifier comes in various versions from miniature size designed to be used in the automobile sector to medium size units used in TETRA, P25 and PMR radio systems.

You can view Amphenol Procom’s collection of Low Noise Amplifiers here: Amphenol Procom Low Noise Amplifier Range. If you can't find what you are looking for there, contact our team on 01227 743099 or email


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