DPF 70/6-150 Base Station High Power Duplex Filter

DPF 70/6-150 Base Station High Power Duplex Filter

Amphenol Procom has an extensive range of products for a wide variety of RF applications. Within the product range, are many "hidden gems" that you may not be aware of – an example is the DPF 70/6-150 series which we like to bring to your attention.

The DPF 70/6-150 series of Base Station High Power Duplex Filter has several strong characteristics that are beneficial for numerous applications including 450MHz Private Mobile Radio (PMR) systems in both digital and analogue formats.

These high power duplex filters are commonly used in base stations for radio systems working within the markets of Transportation, Maritime, Industrial and Military sectors.

The DPF 70/6-150 series is designed for handling a transmit power up to 150W, as well as at the same time operating at a very narrow spacing/split between Tx and Rx.

In comparison with the standard duplexers (max. 50W of power) typically specified as single-channel tuned, the DPF 70/6-150 series of duplexers can perform with multi-channel tuning and still retain a very low Tx and Rx insertion loss and high Tx-Rx isolation figures.

If you want more details about this new product and its specifications, click on the download link on this page. Alternatively, contact our sales team on 01227 743099 or email sales@antennapro.co.uk.


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