Connectivity Products to Improve Highway Tunnel Coverage?

Connectivity Products to Improve Highway Tunnel Coverage?

Radio coverage in transport tunnels is essential for safety as well as tunnel management. Getting RF coverage through a highway tunnel can be problematic because of the structure, type of building materials and how far it may be from the range of a radio system. The Amphenol Procom family have a long experience of assisting highway organisations with this type of problem. Below is an example of how Amphenol Procom recently helped an Italian customer achieve the required coverage.

The requirement was to add one additional UHF channel to an existing combiner system for coverage inside several highway tunnels. The existing channels were both in VHF and UHF, used for Public Safety and maintenance purposes. With a local partner, Amphenol Procom designed a new system including various passive components such as Diplexers, Triplexers and Hybrid Combiners.

The result was an upgraded and reliable system which combined all the different frequency ranges for the tunnel usage.

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