Compact TETRA Mobile Combiner Units for the New extended TETRA band

Compact TETRA Mobile Combiner Units for the New extended TETRA band

The extended TETRA band (low 380-386,5 MHz/High 390-396,5 MHz) has been introduced in some European countries. The extension of the band is a result of increasing demand for more TETRA channels working at the same time, especially in the bigger cities.

We are pleased to announce two new high-performance ETSI compliant 2 channel PRO-MCU380-EXT units from Amphenol Procom specifically designed for this extended band in the Public Safety and Mission Critical TETRA markets.

The PRO-MCU380-EXT-2 is commonly used for Mobile Control Centres (TX low 380-386,5 MHz/RX high 390-396,5 MHz), and the PRO-MCU380-EXT-2-REV is the reverse frequency version.

These two new products have an extremely compact design, beneficial for command centres & control rooms.

Application usage
When working in Public Safety reliable communication is critical. Network infrastructure must have dependable RF equipment for workers to communicate 100% efficiently in emergencies.

The new PRO-MCU380 series is a perfect product to assist operations, whether for the Police, Fire Brigade or emergency medical services.

The PRO-MCU380 series have high isolation and low insertion loss due to carefully chosen quality system components such as isolators, circulators, and helical duplex filters.

The isolation between all ports Tx/Tx, Tx/Rx & Rx/Rx is rated to be better than 60 db. The maximum input power is as high as 25 W per port.

Three & Four Channel Versions, Coming Soon!
Amphenol Procom plans to release a three and four channel version of the PRO-MCU380-EXT and PRO-MCU380-EXT-REV to extend its TETRA product line further.

You can learn more about these products by clicking on the links below:

PRO-MCU380-EXT-2-REV Compact Combiners
PRO-MCU380-EXT-2 Compact Combiners

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