Check out the Amphenol Procom Range of Diplex Filters!

Check out the Amphenol Procom Range of Diplex Filters!

Are you looking for Dilplex Filters? Amphenol Procom has a range of diplex filter products for various radio systems.

Diplex Filters by Amphenol Procom are used in several HF, VHF and UHF radio systems. Modern radio systems support the separation (splitting) or combination (combining) of two frequency ranges. This means that a Diplex Filter can be used to combine two very different radio systems. For instance, a VHF radio and a GNSS/GPS receiver into one common VHF/GNSS antenna.

Amphenol Procom Diplex Filters provide perfect isolation between two radio systems so that they will not interfere with each other.

Diplex Filters are available from Amphenol Procom for a broad spectrum of frequencies from 1MHz to 3GHz and feature low insertion loss, high isolation, and a wide operating temperature range.

Diplex Filters are widely used in the Transportation market, e.g., to combine the common FM broadcast radio and a VHF or UHF radio. Similar radio system set-ups are also used in the Marine market.

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