Are you in need of reliable DAS Products?

Are you in need of reliable DAS Products?

Amphenol Procom offers a wide range of indoor antennas and passive devices for in-building operations, especially for Public Safety applications.

Modern buildings materials can interfere with system coverage, which should be considered in the network planning stage. Quality products should be sought.

Amphenol Procom provides high class performing products, low PIM wideband VHF, UHF, LTE and 5G. Amphenol Procom also provides antennas that are as discrete and unobtrusive as possible.

In Amphenol Procom's Distributed Antenna System product portfolio, you can find Antennas, Power Splitters and Dividers, Power Tappers, Directional Couplers and various other DAS Components.

To get the complete overview of Amphenol Procom’s DAS product line-up, download the brochure from the catalogue section of our website.

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