Amphenol Procom Antennas, Built to Survive Storms

Amphenol Procom Antennas, Built to Survive Storms

Recent storms at the beginning of this year such as Storm Ciara battered the UK. Wind speeds above 80 mph caused a huge amount of structural damage throughout the country.

Amphenol Procom 42xx antennas are built to survive winds speeds of 186 mph and some are even designed to survive lightning strikes. No wonder it’s the antenna of choice for so many Public Safety networks and LTE operators across Europe.

Amphenol Procom have a long tradition of testing their products to see how they withstand the physical demands placed on them by the environment. Vibration testing is one of the scenarios they replicate to fully understand the ability the antenna has to survive, and continue functioning, as originally designed. This becomes of paramount importance for long term deployments such as Public Safety, Military, LTE Networks and IoT/M2M. All these scenarios permanently expose antennas to uncompromising operating conditions.

Click on Antenna vibration test to see a video on how Amphenol Procom antennas are tested to these extremes.

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